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Work Health & Safety Management System as per AS/NZS 4801



AS/NZS 4801 is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for safety management.


The standard sets out the requirements you’ll need to meet for an effective health and safety management system. Based

on established Health & Safety standards, they are designed to work for organisations of all sizes and from across all




AS/NZS 4801 standard defines the requirements for an effective Work Health and Safety management system to guide

organisations in developing policies and objectives that comply with legislative regulations and take into account the

information about hazards and risk in its work environment. The AS/NZS 4801 standard governs the risks that the

organisation has control and influence over.


This standard requires the implementation of five major components of WH&S Management for a business to meet all the

WH&S requirements to ensure effective management of OH&S issues.



The AS/NZS Standard Enables organisations to achieve the following:

Develop, implement, maintain and improve an effective WH&S management system

Have assurance that it conforms with the required WH&S policies

Provide evidence of conformance to policies to interested stakeholders

Declare conformance with the standard or make a commitment to conform to its requirements

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