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The Value of CSA being
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Who is CSA
Commercial Safety Assurance

Commercial Safety Assurance (CSA) services all of Australia & New Zealand with the Head Office operating in Silverwater, Sydney, NSW.

CSA`s service is tailored for small to medium enterprises, as businesses in this sector often either don`t have a person dedicated to manage Work, Health & Safety (WHS) or if they do, that person is usually at capacity in terms of their work load and require assistance.

This is where CSA is able to assist, Support You – In Person – On Site to help manage and support a WHS program that ensures compliance within your business.

The cost benefit of this service when compared to employing someone to this role is significant which is why our clients enjoy the balance of having a Safety Advisor visit them at their business on a regular basis to assist with managing WHS at a reasonable cost. We recognise that you and your team are very busy fulfilling the tasks needed to be done to make your business successful, our approach is a non-intrusive where we quietly and calmly ensure the WHS Compliance standards are sensibly attained.

Success through strategy, logistics and team work

A combination of the following ensures a successful outcome: Having processes and procedures provides clarity to all parties concerned. Safety Advisors are local to your area and are able visit you in person at relative short notice. The client receives support from both the Safety Advisor in person and our Head Office.

Confidentiality - Why we do not disclose Who our Clients are

CSA adheres to the principle of client confidentiality and do not not reveal information about our clients to third parties without consent of the client. We respect and understand that our clients may wish to remain confidential for many reasons.

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