Are you gambling with workplace safety?

Commercial Safety Assurance (CSA) is one of Australia`s leading companies that support businesses in Work Health & Safety compliance. A key factor that sets us apart from most other companies is that we are Supporting You – In Person – On Site, because we understand no two businesses operate the same so how can your business fully comply with a generic WHS Compliance program.

Supporting You we provide you with an appropriate Work Health and Safety Management System and guide you with implementing the system by means of a Compliance Program to ensure consistency and high standards.


In Person your dedicated Safety Advisor – supports, drives and actively participates in most activities to achieve compliance. By actively supporting you in the Health and Safety Management of your business it significantly reduces your work load, provides relief, assurance and trust.


On Site the value of having a Safety Advisor at your business premises to help you to assess risks, establish appropriate solutions and assist you with any issues that you may have is far more effective than having an “on line” only system where it is generic and assumes all businesses operate the same way. Your Safety Advisor will visit you on a pre agreed regular basis to assist you and your business to follow a Compliance Programme that includes: staff inductions, staff training, complete the required administration, ongoing safety checks and conduct Audits & Inspections.



Supporting You – In Person – On Sitelets you get on with running your business




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