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Emergency Plan, Procedure, Training, Evacuation Exercises & Evacuation Diagrams as per AS3745


Each and every organisation must comply with legislation that includes requirements for emergency prevention

and planning. The compliance with this legislation is a legal requirement and failing to do so may result in legal

ramifications incorporating severe penalties.


The Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities is produced by Standards Australia and is

widely accepted throughout industry as the benchmark when it comes to implementing emergency procedures and

training within an organisation.


An Emergency Plan must document the organisational arrangements, systems, strategies and procedures relating to the

response and management of emergency situations.

The training requirements are as follows:


Skills training for the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) 

Skills training shall be carried out at intervals not greater than 6 months.


Skills training for the Occupants

Skills training shall be carried out at intervals not greater than 12 months.


Skills training for persons skilled in First Attack Firefighting 

Skills training shall be conducted at intervals of not greater than 2 years.


Emergency Exercises

AS 3745 – 2010 also calls for all areas of the organisation to participate in an emergency exercise at least once in every

12 month period.

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