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Measurement and Evaluation


To ensure your business is performing in accordance with its WHS Management Plan, the system need to be measured,

monitored and key activities evaluated. This is conducted periodically on a regular basis and a score rating is used to give

you a clear indication of the performance outcome.


Some of the ways we achieve this includes:


• Conducting workplace inspections

• Auditing the administration

• Monitoring the use of safety checks and safety procedures (SWMS)

• Assess the training needs of your staff

• Conduct health checks (if necessary)

• Review and analyse the number and type of incidents that have been reported

• Monitor regulatory requirements (e.g. reviewing your asbestos register)



The findings are detailed in a report and used to set new objectives and apply corrective action.


Multi-site businesses


Businesses that have multiple branches receive measurement and evaluation reports that provide an overview and

performance indicators for all their branches. The consolidated reports assist management in identifying branches that

perform well and those that have areas for improvement.


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