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Services Overview

Supporting You - In Person – On Site is a fundamental principal that CSA applies in service delivery. Our aim is to minimise your work load by assisting you in person with the management of your workplace Health & Safety.

There are several advantages of having a Safety Advisor visit you at your business, namely:


  • a) A Safety Advisor has hands-on skills and the ability to save your business a serious amount of money through

 `           recommendations or implementation of new ideas.


  • b) A Safety Advisor is focused on what has to be achieved. They are not bogged down or influenced by the

        business`s internal affairs and provide honest and objective feedback.


  • c) Your safety and training manager (if you have one in house) usually has more on their plate than the original job

               description depicts. They do not have the time, and your budget constraints do not allow them the resources, to

            keep up with the ever-changing environment in which we work.


  • d) A fresh pair of trained eyes help you identify hazards that otherwise would have been overlooked.


  • e) Assess situations on site and recommend appropriate solutions.


  • f) Speak to you in person and receive advice immediately.


  • g) The Safety Advisor gets involved not only with you but all of you staff.


  • h) Training staff with Inductions, safety procedures, Fire & Manual Handling training.


  • i) Safety administration which is often neglected is completed by the Safety Advisor on your behalf, e.g.: hazard

     checks, First Aid checks, Ladder checks, SDS`s and numerous registers.



CSA utilises a Compliance Programme that provides time lines and detail of actions to be carried out. This provides you

with transparency, clarity and assurance of progress in the Compliance Programme.

Audit &

We are proud to offer this free service to the business community as CSA recognises that no two businesses are the same. We morally and ethically encourage you to find out what your safety standards are even if you feel it is “all under control”. If you score high you will have the assurance that all is in order. All of this is at no cost or implication to you.

Work Health & Safety Management
System as per
AS/NZS 4801

AS/NZS 4801 is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for safety management.

The standard sets out the requirements you’ll need to meet for an effective health and safety management system.

Emergency Plan
as per AS3745

Each and every organisation must comply with legislation that includes requirements for emergency prevention and planning. The compliance with this legislation is a legal requirement and failing to do so may result in legal ramifications incorporating severe penalties.


A Work Health & Safety (WHS) induction will usually cover a wide range of work health and safety issues including the health and safety responsibilities of the employer and the employee as well as the organisation’s process for reporting incidents and hazards in the workplace, risk management procedures, and its emergency and first aid procedures.

Contractor Management

In any client/contractor relationship, both parties will have duties under work health and safety law. Similarly, if the contractor employs sub-contractors to carry out some or all of the work, all parties will have health and safety responsibilities.


Work Health and Safety legislation requires an employer to put in place appropriate systems to actively manage health and safety in the workplace. An essential part of this system is the requirement to keep records of the processes and steps taken to do this, and of the control methods used.

Measurement and Evaluation

To ensure your business is performing in accordance with its WHS Management Plan, the system need to be measured, monitored and key activities evaluated. This is conducted periodically on a regular basis and a score rating is used to give you a clear indication of the performance outcome.

On Site -In Person
& On Line

Commercial Safety Assurance (CSA) is one of Australia`s leading companies that support businesses in Work Health & Safety compliance. We offer an on line platform that syncs all your documents and is versatile for your staff to be able to use as well.


“Employers with workers compensation claims costs lower than the scheme average through the implementation of effective safety systems and those who protactively support injured workers to return to suitable work safely are being rewarded with a performance discount”

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