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Worker Induction

A work health and safety (WHS) induction program is an important part of forming a positive work health & safety culture

for a business.


A Work Health & Safety (WHS) induction will usually cover a wide range of work health and safety issues including the

health and safety responsibilities of the employer and the employee as well as the organisation’s process for reporting

incidents and hazards in the workplace, risk management procedures, and its emergency and first aid procedures.



Explain to new worker about …

the industry and work tasks in the business

job description and responsibilities

policies and procedures

dress code, personal presentation and

security of worker and personal belongings

car parking

show the work area, toilets, drinking water, washing and eating facilities


Key People

manager / owner

supervisor and other workers

health and safety representative / safety
committee representative

payroll officer and human resources staff



Explain to new worker about …

first aid officer and emergency warden

what to do on discovering a fire and other emergency procedures, including use of equipment

show location of exits and fire extinguishers / blankets / hoses, first aid kits and supplies


Job Introduction

Walk around and explain to new worker about …

provide information on workplace hazards,
controls and supervision

issue PPE and train worker in its use, cleaning, maintenance and storage

work area, equipment, job tasks and

show how to safely use, store and maintain
tools, machinery and hazardous chemicals
(including access to safety data sheets)

demonstrate how to do the job safely


Work Health and Safety systems

Explain to new worker about …

consultation processes, such as health and safety representative, safety committee (who to speak to about safety concerns or ask for safety information)

how to report injuries, incidents, hazards and near misses and how to access relevant forms

safety policies and procedures (eg bullying, drug/alcohol, dispute resolution etc)

roles and responsibilities



Explain to new worker about …

first aid, fire safety and emergency procedures training

hazard specific training (eg hazardous chemicals, manual handling)

on the job training in Safe Work Method Statements



answer and ask questions

review work practices and procedures

repeat any training required or provide additional training if needed


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